Manage your dealership. Not your software.


FEX DMS is the perfect solution for Buy Here, Pay Here (BHPH) or Special Finance dealerships. It's comprised of feature rich inventory management tools, sales, customer and lead tracking tools, along with powerful reporting.


"FEX DMS is one of the best dealer management software systems we have ever seen. We love its ease of use, excellent reporting capabilities and the company itself has been wonderful to work with. We highly recommend FEX DMS to all our dealers looking for software."

Steven Carstens, CPA
SGC Accounting
Houston, TX

"When I opened up my dealership, I was looking for a DMS that was user friendly and affordable. FEX DMS exceeded my expectations. Not only is it affordable and user friendly, the customer support is extraordinary. My rep and the customer service go the extra mile to assist me with any questions or problems. I would recommend using this system to all dealerships."

John Duong, President
Waldorf, MD

"We evaluated several BHPH Dealer Management Systems and selected FEX DMS based upon the software's user friendly interface, it's flexibility, and it's cost effectiveness. Most importantly, the level of customer support that we have received at all levels has far exceeded our expectations. I would recommend FEX DMS to anyone in the BHPH industry."

Greg M. Gaunt, President
Flexi Compras Autos
McAllen, TX

"I have been using FEX DMS since September of 2008. When I opened up my used car operation I looked for a system with the following criteria: affordable, plain paper, no need for a dot matrix printer, legally compliant, easy to use, good technical and field support, flexibility to handle all my needs in one program.
That is what I found in FEX DMS and I have always been satisfied. I am impressed by the continual up dates and improvements to the program, you can tell that car guys are behind this and they have great computer people to implement their ideas.
I started in the automobile business in 1965 so I have seen a lot of programs over the years and always tried to have the best I could afford. This is the best program I have ever used."

Ted Potter
Auto Buy Choice, LLC
Mount Vernon, OH

"I've been involved in the implementation of a number of new software programs. I must say, I am truly impressed with yours. My perspective is from the accounting side. Every time I export/import I just sit there and chuckle as I watch the numbers update. It saves me hours of data entry."

Bob Thompson, Controller
A Advantage Auto Group, Inc.
Dallas, TX

"Please convey these compliments to your entire staff for exceeding our expectations. I know these things do not happen without a great deal of effort on the part of everyone, and I want you to know how much we appreciate your hard work. It appears that your emphasis on regular training sessions, familiarity with new banking updates and customer satisfaction is your specialty.
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with your service. We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.
Keep up the good work! We are very proud of your entire team!"

Holly C. Nase, President
Hollywood Auto Group LLC
Line Lexington, PA

"Great System. Love it."
Blythe Smith, Vice President of Operations
Mint Condition Auto Sales
Decatur, GA

"We have found FEX DMS to be a valuable resource in our day to day operations."
Jeff Masters, President
Carfinders of South Atlanta
McDonough, GA

"Location, location, location is very true in having a car dealership. But having FEX DMS is about relationship, relationship, relationship. We thank you for being part of our team and we look forward to the future."
Jerry Hohenstein, Manager
Z Auto Place
Houston, TX

"FEX DMS has been a tremendous asset to our company. They have given me access to banks that I couldn't have gotten without them."
Jaalam Connally, General Manager
Decatur, GA

"Excellent system! Increased business in first month!"
Brian Skinner, Owner
Frontier Motors
Middletown, OH

"FEX DMS has been an easy program to use and understand. Whether desking a cash or finance deal, the intuitive way the system works is very user friendly. (There's no need for a FEX DMS for Dummies book!) Having access via internet to my financing and inventory 24/7 allows the ability to work with customers at any time and anywhere, even when our dealership is closed. Our rep and his support team have gone above and beyond any other service we have tried (and we have tried a few) to help us integrate FEX DMS in every aspect of our business. We have never been left with unanswered questions or problems, with their ongoing support and willingness to help. We look forward to our reps visits for the assistance, knowledge, and coaching that he brings. With FEX' help, we have seen our sales and profits increase even during slow times."
David Patchan, Owner
Pleasant Ridge Auto Sales
Cincinnati, OH

"Helping small dealers level the playing field."
Tommy Spector, Owner
S & S Motors
Center, TX

"As a woman and business owner who is critically discerning, I am extremely satisfied and possess no reluctance or reservation whatsoever to recommend and strongly encourage others to use FEX DMS. I trust that all of your expectations not only will be equally fulfilled, but also exceeded by the commitment to customer service and satisfaction that can be measured with no limits."
Karen Baghai, Co-Owner
Arkadia Auto Sales
Arlington, TX