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BHPH Capital

Finance Express System (Capital) Through our relationship with Access Capital, FEX dealers can take advantage of Access Capital Investment Group’s acquisition program. This program assists auto loan originators better manage certain segments of their consumer auto loan portfolios, primarily through the bulk acquisition of auto portfolios. Unlike other acquisition companies that only purchase performing accounts, Access Capital has the flexibility to price and purchase all accounts in your portfolio, regardless of status. Access Capital purchases portfolios from credit unions, banks, finance companies and dealerships in all 50 states

Portfolio Criteria

  • Non-prime and Sub-prime accounts
  • Minimum $500,000 Portfolio Balance
  • Minimum 4 – 6 month seasoning
  • Delinquent, Non-performing, BK or Charge Off accounts
  • All credit tiers
  • Minimum $500,000 Portfolio Balance
ACIG can custom build a flexible acquisition structure to suit any Seller.