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FEX DMS - FEX TEXT Information Request
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Automatically deliver the perfect text message when your customer meets specific criteria.

Improve the customer experience and the execution of your business model. More specifically, this solution is designed to reduce delinquencies, improve notifications and extend marketing offers to previous/current customers.

FEX TEXT allows you to send texts as a part of your Communications and Marketing efforts. This includes:

  • - Payment Reminders
  • - Account Notifications
  • - Past Due Alerts
  • - Follow Up with Leads
  • - Send out Promotional Texts
  • - 2-way Texting for Notifications
  • - Mass Texting Capabilities

Additional Features

  • - With the assistance of SBT, you are able to create your own text
      templates, which meet strict compliance standards.
  • - All texts are stored in the Notes History section of the customer account.
  • - Streamlined texting authorization process (Verify by Text provides the
      ability to confirm customer permission and possession of the device for
      the cell number provided)
  • - Customers authorize whether they want to accept Notifications and/or  
      Marketing texts.
  • - Interlaced Security to allow/prevent Freeform Text messages
  • - Tightly integrated with Queues